Open Cloud SCADA-as-a-Service Mobile App & Web Based Production Forecasting AI Integrated NodeREDTM

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We offer operators a frictionless path to getting all their equipment, people, and processes connected on the cloud; accessible, automated, optimized quickly, and affordably.

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What Makes Us Different

Learn why IRON-IQ is the fastest-growing cloud based SCADA solution for the mid-market industrial sector.

We’re From The Patch Not The Valley
Our team has seen it all. IRON-IQ formed from merging an established energy software company with a major SCADA provider. Together we offer deep domain expertise, better software, and work with hardware others can’t.
Easy To Onboard Low Learning Curve
Need a new SCADA deployment? Have an existing one you’d like to upgrade? We make transitioning to our best-in-class solution smooth and easy. Get started quickly using tools designed specifically with operators in mind.
SCADA That's A Low OPEX No Brainer
Pay for only what you need. Our cloud-based platform provides on-demand scalability with no expensive up-front costs and internal IT support. Gain all the benefits of enterprise SCADA without the price tag.

Features & Benefits

Minimal headaches maximum margins – what can we say? Our stuff just works. We never cut corners. We always do things right. That reliability transfers directly into your operations.

Quickly navigate with integrated GIS interface.

Edge-To-Enterprise Insight

Instantly gain a full picture of what’s going on in your entire enterprise with real-time Operational Intelligence dashboards. Hone in on real-time data, well maintenance history on a granular level. Take control when needed.

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Turn Call Outs to Call-Ins, Operate-By-Exception

Get quick insights as to what’s going on in the field and remotely control ongoing processes from any connected device to eliminate unnecessary field service trips. Integrated field team management tool allows you to deploy people only as needed.

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Get real-time alerts & control equipment from anywhere.

Production forecasting dashboard.

We Taught Our SCADA System to Think

Our simple but powerful Production Forecasting AI increases forecasting accuracy and reduces engineering back office time. Create intelligent alerts when things don’t go as planned and predict problems before they happen. We taught it to play nice with others so it’s third party friendly too, enabling you to avoid the pain of trying to get your SCADA system to integrate to other software.

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NodeRED In the House

Powered by the award-winning logic-based workflow automation tool NodeRED, anyone can quickly automate simple to complex tasks. You can grab data from any source or combine them with SCADA Data. Check out our library of ready-made automations addressing many common industry needs.

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Familiar to engineers, easy-to-use and powerful.

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Reduction in Engineering Time


Reduction in Field Services Trips


Increase in Production


Environmental Compliance

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Give us a call to discuss your operational situation. We’ll assess your needs and provide options.

Pilot Installation

We install new or add parallel devices to existing onsite, connecting your site to our software platform.

Onboard Software

Once loaded we test and configure to your needs. We quickly upskill your team in its use and hand over access.

Full Rollout

When ready we rollout connectivity portfolio-wide, creating a unified platform for operational control.

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