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Scalable Cloud-Native SCADA

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Accessible Anywhere

Imagine the convenience of accessing your facility’s pumps, tanks, and other equipment controls in real-time without ever having to go on-site.

With Iron-IQ cloud-native SCADA, all your oil and gas, water, and other industrial services can be monitored from anywhere, anytime. Not only does this save you time, but it helps you make better decisions and avoid costly downtime.

Access Anywhere
Accessible Through Web & Mobile
24/7 Software Support
Software Engineer Support Team

On-premise legacy SCADA systems usually become obsolete after just a few years, leaving you with costly, outdated equipment requiring significant CAPEX to migrate. Switching to cloud-native SCADA removes the need for on-premise servers, IT support and remote IT services. If any IT issues occur, you can rest easy knowing our 24/7 software engineer support team is standing by to help.

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Establish Enterprise-Wide Standards

Workflow Automation & Intelligent Alarms

Easy-to-use NodeRED™ powers Iron-IQ workflow automation. It allows you to create workflow templates and alarms that enable standardization across your assets. Once you’ve analyzed and addressed a problem remotely, quickly use automation to predict, diagnose and respond to enterprise-wide situations.

Legacy IoT

Legacy IoT Device Drivers

The Iron-IQ team has access to a host of nearly all drivers needed to integrate with existing SCADA systems and countless hours of experience with legacy IoT device drivers. You can be certain that no matter what equipment you’ve installed in the past, we can quickly get up and running smoothly for a hassle-free transition.

Solutions right at your fingertips

Are you ready to see tangible results?

Power BI Integration

Our proprietary platform lets you know when assets aren’t performing the way they should. Using your data, you can optimize setpoints, predict failure, and ensure that you are running at 100% efficiency. Have other 3rd party apps you’d like to monitor? No problem – we offer seamless ways to integrate all your partner applications.

Integrated NodeREDTM

Workflow Automation and Library

NodeRED™️ is an award-winning logic-based workflow automation tool that is natively integrated into Iron-IQ that enables anyone to quickly author powerful custom workflow automations. This tool also comes within our library of ready-made automations designed to address many common industry needs. Our workflow automation library places solutions at your fingertips that will optimize your sites and yield tangible results.