ESG Documentation

A Force for Sustainability, Improving The Environmental Impact for Entire Industries

We’re at the forefront of a technology wave that aims to improve the environmental impact and human safety in the energy industry. We constantly innovate to deepen the impact of our corporate responsibility efforts and explore new ways to apply cloud SCADA to help operators meet and exceed environmental regulations. We seek to leverage our leadership position in SCADA to help the energy industry make greater strides in environmental sustainability, social impact, and field personnel safety.

Iron-IQ & SCADA ‘s Positive Impact on The Environment

Efficient use of renewable solar energy for remote devices
Reduction is waste by allowing better management of process
Ability to reduce methane emission is facilities to zero
Reduction in the need for dangerous onsite field personnel
Improvement in situational knowledge for safer operations
Elimination of on-premise servers and cabling equipment that draw power and need frequent maintenance and replacement

Creating Positive Work Environment

Iron-IQ’s commitment to corporate responsibility is deeply integrated throughout our operations. We strive to create an inclusive and positive work environment where every employee feels they have a voice. We offer compensation packages that are above industry norm because we believe that hiring and maintaining the best talent is the straightest route to our long term success.

Transparency In Governance

Our corporate policies are clearly outlined ensuring the responsibilities, rights, and expectations of stakeholders are clear so that interests are met and a consensus on a company’s long-term strategy is achieved.

We ensure all investors and leadership have clear visibility to:

Tax strategy
Risk management
Executive compensation
Donations and political lobbying
Anti-corruption and bribery policies
Shareholder Interests Protection

For more information on Iron-IQ’s ESG statement and policies please feel free to contact us.